Geox Amphibiox

7 Days of Rain


7 Days in Rain is a unique experiment to confirm that GEOX Amphibiox really are the next generation of urban waterproof shoes.To prove this we let one man live for seven days in nonstop rain... in sunny Barcelona! A specially built personal cloud was made to keep our test subject in constant rain and each day was set out to replicate real life events; a day as a tourist, working a day job and going on a date were just a few of the everyday activities carried out in the rain.


Creatives: Eirik Stensrud, Thomas Askim
Production: MediaMonks Films
Script: Tom Rijpert
Directors: Tom Rijpert, Rogier Schalken
Interactive Director: Jouke Vuurman
Film Producers: Jelani Isaacs, Sytske Rijkens
DOP: Menno Mans
Editors: Sander van Wijk, Frank van Rooijen
Edit recap video: Tom Rijpert
Grading: Sander van Wijk
Sound & Music: Maarten Meussen, Dave van Luttervelt
Compositing: Richard van Dusschoten