Oreo Thins

The Martin Agency

The new Oreo Thins get a formal introduction today with a "Wonderfilled" spot from The Martin Agency that suggests the thinner cookies are a thing of wonder even if they're not quite as filled as their forebears.

Oreo Thins - TVC


Client: Oreo
Agency: The Martin Agency
VP/Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Director: Rogier Schalken and Magnus Hierta
Production: MediaMonks Films
Post Producer: Gerben Molenaar
Post Production Lead: Okke Voerman
Previz: Juan Behrens
Animation: Rik Schutte, Aljen Hoekstra
Modeling: Ivo Diependaal
Dynamics: Martijn Grootendorst
Shading/Lighting: Ruud Coenen, Okke Voerman
Compositing: Melissa van het Spijker
Online: Sander van Wijk
Grading: MPC