Adidas Football

Team Messi

We Are Social UK

Join Team Messi, and keep the game beautiful. An interactive pledge with personal story-lines and the ability to control scenes, step by step-over and goal by exquisite goal.


Agency: We Are Social (London)
Creatives: Gareth Leeding, Ollie Olanipekun
Senior account director: Aisling McCarthy
Agency producer: Joe Weston
Film director: Rogier Schalken
Director of Photography: Menno Mans
Interactive director: Vincent van de Wetering, Jouke Vuurmans
Executive film producer: Jelani Isaacs
Film producer: David Leite
Digital producer: Chris Herrebrugh
Design: Ozan Akoglu, Kjegwan Leihitu
VFX supervisor: Scott Newman
VFX Lead: Okke Voerman
3D model/texturing: Ivo Diependaal
Animation: Nanda van Dijk